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Tracking and understanding tourist flows

How to track, analyse and understand tourist flows and habits in a city for the benefit of citizen at large and businesses?


Paris has long been one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, and tourists account for a significant percentage of the city population at any point in time. However, habits, wants and needs of tourists are evolving faster than the tools used to analyse them. Data-centric analytics may be applied to fine-tune offers for tourists, tailor deals individually before and after trips, and evaluate the impact of promotional activities.



different tourist

nationalities analysed



To solve this challenge, AiD - Add intelligence to Data, the selected startup, has developed an application, “Trend Shaker”, that mutualises a variety of datasets including roaming data from SFR, cross border transaction data from Mastercard, as well as data from foreign users of Uber. The objective of the challenge was to mutualise three different datasets and integrate them in an application that would enable to visualise tourist flows in Paris.



AiD provides analysis, treatment and exploitation to transform data into marketing performance. With three main fields of activity : Datamining, CRM and Big Data, they are the first host of datalakes and marketing data bases in France, stocking over 200 million clients and more than 5 billion transactions.





The application developed by AiD enables its users to understand, analyse and monitor how and where tourists travel in Paris, as well as where and on what they spend money, all that for specific times of the day. It is therefore a powerful tool both for the tourism department of the city of Paris that could help the city in urban planning decisions related to tourism but department stores, hotels, tourist sites and any service providers used by tourists in Paris to optimise their activity.


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