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Analysing travel patterns on tourist buses

How to harvest and analyse data on the ways people use tourist buses, to improve transport services in cities and tailor products to customer profiles?


It is easy to collect, analyse and use information gathered from the Web on people’s browsing habits and profiles, but it is difficult to track people travelling around cities on buses. Today’s readily available solutions merely count travellers, which, considering the number of people using specific modes of transport, is not enough to allow for optimised journeys, nor to anticipate customer needs.




The objective of the challenge was to help RATP Dev, operator of transportation systems, to understand customers' usage of its bus fleets by analysing specific bus routes and ticket sales to optimise the routes of the Open Tour travelling throughout Paris.



Intersec developed a software to leverage location and transaction data to help service providers from companies to government to adapt their business model or urban strategy planning to be more data-centric and embrace the digital revolution.





Using data from onboard Wifi equipment as well as ticketing and geolocation on reports, the selected startup, Intersec, created an interface that enables L’OpenTour (RATP Dev) to collect information and monitor how visitors use the buses, how many passengers are onboard, where they hop-on and hop-off the double-deckers, as well as through what sales channel they have acquired their tickets. 19 200 km of bus routes were analysed, 800.000 network "footprints" gathered and 23.000 trips reconstructed. Thanks to this tool L’OpenTour (RATP Dev) will be able to adapt its services for Paris visitors based on actual traveler needs. Products, offerings and routes will thus be optimised.


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