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Driving urban planning through citizen's voice

How to monitor and analyse in real-time citizens’ voices to ensure that this data drives urban planning?


How we work, consume, travel and enjoy time out in a city is shifting, thus reshaping the way we relate to cities, either individually or collectively. In parallel, authorities struggle with ways to incorporate our opinions into neighbourhood and urban planning. Although this information is important to decision makers, it is very difficult to collect and understand this data.



The solution consists of an interface that enables the user to monitor opinions expressed by citizens on all feedback channels, including social networks (Facebook, Twi er), DansMaRue and other sources. The main dashboard presents the aggregated citizens’ opinion expressed on sourced networks, classified into categories of urban management (such as security, education, public spaces, environment etc.) and specifying if this opinion is positive, neutral or negative. In addition, any user can drill down to actual trends and keywords people use and create alerts on specific categories and/or topics.



Zencity use AI to analyse resident feedback and deliver actionable insights that help governments prioritise resource allocation.




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