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Increasing occupancy in office buildings

How to optimise occupancy rates in office buildings while offering a great user experience?


In a city like Paris, space is increasingly becoming a commodity. Companies must also adapt their offices to the new working habits of their employees (nomadism, teleworking...). In Paris, space is scarce and square metres are very expensive. However, buildings and other facilities are often underused. Company restaurants, for instance, are empty during most of the day whereas meeting rooms are often in short supply.



To address this challenge, the experimentation team provided facility managers with the proper tools for continuous space optimisation. Irlynx thermic sensors have been set up in Nexity open spaces and meeting rooms to evaluate the occupancy rate of each room and work station, while SharingCloud set up its booking platform (QR code, roompad, etc.) to collect data on FlexOffice management. Cisco also provided the following technologies: proprietary video recognition and person-counting algorithms.



The two selected startups were Irlynx - a startup providing low cost infrared sensor arrays, and SharingCloud - a startup offering digital workspace solutions.





By combining these data on a Cisco platform, the two startups and the partners provided facility managers with a dashboard that identified each workspace use in real-time (occupancy rates, alerts on underused and overused spaces...) and react accordingly. This solution represents a cost-optimisation opportunity with better quality of life at work Any company facing low occupancy rate could benefit from this solution. Thanks to this solution, space planning and space re-organisation can focus on employees experience and uses. The underused spaces in a building are now reduced for a better optimisation of each space.


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