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Optimising employees' travel to workplace

How can Corporate Social Responsibility policies in businesses be helped to develop a better understanding of employees’ mobility habits and requirements in order to offer more tailored transport solutions?


Since January 1st 2018, it is mandatory for businesses in France with over 100 employees to have a mobility plan in place to reduce their environmental impact. However, decision-makers are ill-equipped to truly understand and analyse how their employees travel. How can they put forward mobility solutions if they cannot analyse behaviour and, more especially, if they cannot measure the actual impact of the alternative travel arrangements which they are implementing?



the average annual cost for companies of

an employee commuting and living 20km from workplace



In order to respond to this challenge, ALD Automotive partnered with Sopra Steria, the City of Paris and the startup Mobileety, a platform aggregating public and private mobility solutions, to optimise employee mobility in real-time and promote multimodal travel. The challenge was to develop a tool to help CSR departments to draft a Mobility Plan for employees and to measure the impact of the initiatives implemented. In order to develop this tool, some 400 ALD Automotive and Sopra Steria employees were interviewed, and downloaded the Mobeelity app to provide the team with robust data to analyse mobility behaviour within a business. The aim of the experimentation was to assess whether it was relevant and/or necessary to know the historic transport habits of employees in order to frame the Travel Plan and whether the results and models obtained could be replicated across businesses. Within the scope of this challenge, employees were involved in order to encourage them to adopt the recommendations.



Optimised, environmentally friendly mobility is a major challenge for cities and businesses alike. Mobeelity aggregates the whole portfolio of public and private transport solutions on a single platform, using AI to customise the experience to real-time needs and guide users towards greener modes of travel.





This challenge allowed the team to create Mobi, a dashboard which lets CSR departments fill the gaps in their knowledge about employees’ commuting habits so that they can make the best possible recommendations, focusing on sustainability and viability.



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