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Personalised fitness routes

How can runners choose a fitness route in the city which will be healthy and allow them to take full advantage of their surroundings?


Today, over one quarter of Parisians are runners and they are becoming increasingly demanding about the quality of their routes. However, these routes are not always designed to give them the optimum running experience. Interesting districts, gradients, drinking fountains, fitness equipment in public spaces, opening times for parks, street lighting, building work, and pollution are all factors to consider when designing safe and healthy running routes.


40 new routes

factoring in air quality, gradient,

drinking fountain and fitness equipment data



EVESA and the City of Paris collaborated with the startup Runnin’City and Pollutrack to offer running routes designed around tourist sites, which also measure pollution street by street. The Runnin’City startup also incorporates real-time data about street lighting. Thus every Parisian can access a route less than a kilometre from their door which factors in parks, fitness areas and drinking fountains. Runners can therefore choose the routes best suited to their interests and abilities.



Runnin’City is a Smartphone app which allows runners (or walkers) to discover over 120 cities worldwide with its voice GPS and integrated multilingual audioguide.





The Runnin’City startup has developed over 40 fitness routes in Paris by integrating the new criteria and functionality designed during the experimentation. The routes are updated in real-time, factoring in an air quality indicator provided by Pollutrack, roadworks, and park opening times. It is possible to apply filters for distance, gradients and the availability of fitness equipment along the route. The routes suggested can also be filtered using various criteria. The solution is live and available to the general public.



Want to create your own challenge with your city?


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