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Reducing the time period for roadworks

How to orchestrate road interventions by urban operators in order to reduce the disturbance caused for the inhabitants?


Up to 7,000 roadworks are currently ongoing in Paris. They cause different types of nuisances: noise, dust, traffic jams, etc. The City of Paris, alongside its main service providers seek to meet inhabitants' expectations and improve the organisation of roadwork. Indeed, their coordination at a city scale is complex. They follow numerous regulatory and technical standards, such as minimum safety distance between two sites or the maintenance of pedestrian crossings. Better synchronisation of roadwork would reduce its impact on residents.



stakeholders intervening on

different roadworks in public space



When two construction sites take place a few weeks apart in the same street, this street is blocked twice. A better synchronisation of the roadworks would enable to conduct them in parallel and thus block the street only once. Evesa, Enedis, CPCU and Climespace imagined a tool to improve the collaboration between the main service providers. They chose the startup GOTMI.IO to help them. In the context of the experiment, the partners made the most of the information contained in CITE, the roadworks management tool of the City of Paris. Based on this data, the GOTMI.IO algorithm detects the planned roadworks that are close to each other and that will take place during the same period to inform partners on possible collaborations. The startup tested its tool with service providers and the City of Paris on already completed roadworks in order to check the feasibility of the recommendations.



GOTMI.IO by METIS is a collaborative cartographic platform that allows project owners to submit their construction projects. The startup developed an algorithm based on data from past and future construction sites. It identifies possibilities for a better coordination between construction sites.





The GOTMI.IO solution facilitates the planning of roadworks in the city. The platform identifies possible collaborations between distributors by measuring the level of nuisance caused by the sites and the technical feasibility of the business recommendations. GOTMI.IO priorities these "opportunities" of coordination by measuring the potential benefits and level of difficulty of implementation to help in decision-making.



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