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Better informing neighbourhoods about construction sites

How to make relevant information available to improve the perception of construction works by Parisians?


The city is changing daily: redevelopment of spaces, construction of cycling paths, building renovation or deployment of new energy networks. The life of the inhabitants is regularly affected during these interventions by noise, traffic jams, dust and the congestion of public space. Site information is often difficult for residents to access. Informing them in advance of the start and end dates, the potential externalities and the purpose of the constructions would allow them to reduce their exposure to the nuisances.



The experiment aims to collect information on all sites in the city and make them available to the greatest number of people. In response to this challenge, the leader in digital transformation Sopra Steria and its software company Axway have partnered with the City of Paris and distributors including Enedis, CPCU and Climespace. Together, they chose the startup Citykomi for this experiment, to develop a mobile information application for citizens. Thanks to CITE, the City of Paris' work management platform, the partners collected, centralised and qualified the data on the state of the works. The goal is ultimately to sort it by automatic processes and publish it according to the audience: pedestrians, cyclists or motorists through third-party applications like Citykomi. The partners then identified the most relevant information for local residents, the actions they could take to reduce the impact of the construction and the format under which this information would be most easily understood. The team conducted a real size test in the 4th arrondissement of Paris by providing local residents with information about the construction near their home.



The startup Citykomi is distributing and sharing information about the city on the "last mile" to residents. They can access this information from their smartphone, without collecting personal data, for a direct, privileged relationship with confidence.





The "Info Travaux" (“Info on Construction”) service enables the City and its distributors to share data relating to planned and ongoing construction sites in Paris in a fluid and centralised way. The inhabitants then have access to this information via a mobile application. They can even subscribe to certain sites to receive information in real time. Today, the service is available online on the Citykomi app.



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